Islamic Failure Series

The Islamic Failure Series

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73 – If Allah himself is unjust, how can Islam be a religion of peace and justice?
72 – Cutting hands, legs, and nailing eyes, but Islam is a religion of peace
71 – All prophets are equal… some are better!!!
70 – Terrorism originates from the Quran
69 – You shouldn’t hold your penis with your right hand while urinating
68 – The unsure Allah
67 – Earning points (good deeds) by killing a lizard

66 – Pedophilia, sex, and alcohol from Quran
65 – Naive Quran from Surah 2 where Science beautifully debunks it
64 – Either Muhammad lied or Muslims are all evil
63 – Forgiveness by mere luck
62 – Why do religious Muslims grow a beard and shave their moustaches?
61 – Repeating prayers for at least 100 times will forgive your sins
60 – Muhammad commanded his followers not to greet Christians and Jews first
59 – Again! Embryology from Quran. Three concentrated failures in one Quranic verse
58 – What is the Islamic position regarding humans having sex with animals?
57 – Babies in the womb are considered alive only after 120 days of their formation
56 – Muhammad split the Moon
55 – Women are less intellectual, and Muhammad’s math problem
54 – Allah forbids drinking alcohol but promises Muslims rivers of alcohol
53 – Quranic challenge accepted
52 – Hijab in Quran and Sunnah, was it mentioned and imposed on Muslims or not?
51 – Jesus didn’t die on the cross, and the Bible is corrupt. Quranic Dilemma
50 – Dr. Muhammad’s advice on dipping flies in your food
49 – Muhammad gave his warriors permission to kill women and children of pagan and infidels
48 – Angels will curse women who refuse to have sex with their husbands
47 – How do you know Quran was the word of Allah?
46 – Nice verses do not need context, ugly verses do
45 – Drinking camel urine and limb cutting and torturing thieves
44 – Muhammad’s theory on thunder
43 – Beheading is written in the Quran
42 – One of many sources of the eternal Islamic hatred for Jews, and women subjugation
41 – Idiotic grammatical error in the Quran
40 – Inconsistent Allah
39 – Inconsistent Muhammad
38 – Muhammad Stallion!
37 – Muhammad was a pedophile
36 – Coexistence in Islam is impossible
35 – The Sun is not allowed to reach the Moon
34 – Abu Lahab
33 – Mountains have roots to keep Earth firm
32 – Societies lead by women will not succeed
31 – Temporary sex or simply a license for fornication?
30 – There is no episode 30. It was a public vote whether to continue the series of not
29 – Disrespect of other religions from the first Quranic verse
28 – Abraham was circumcised with an ax
27 – According to Quran, there was something eternal other than Allah before creation
26 – Loads of Islamic bullshit and misogyny
25 – Doggy style and Jewish claims
24 – Spitting lessons
23 – Merciful Quran
22 – Hadith wasn’t supposed to be written down
21 – Allah the omnipotent is nothing but a total failure
20 – Poison and magic won’t harm you if you eat dates of the Medina
19 – The exclusive privileges given to Muhammad
18 – Having a dog in your house prohibits angels from visiting you
17 – Embryology from Quran
16 – Debunking an Islamic Miracle
15 – A book dedicated to women
14 – Allah must have been on a high dose of LSD
13 – Scientific miracles from the Quran
12 – The testimony of women is worth half that of man
11 – Muhammad and his company used to have sex with woman war slaves
10 – Anal sex
09 – Muhammad was teaching lessons on how to wipe your bottom after defecation and why you shouldn’t use
08 – Quranic logical failure
07 – Why Muslims pray 5 times a day
06 – Quranic contradictions
05 – The devil blows air in your bottom
04 – Meaningless starting words and letters in the Quran
03 – The un cleanliness of Women
02 – Allah might change your head into a donkey
01 – Al Aqsa mosque


7 Responses to Islamic Failure Series

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  2. Excellent blog. Found your link on Google+

  3. Fidem Turbāre, the non-existent atheist goddess says:

    This is a wonderful series. I hope that it is shared with as many people as possible so that the world can understand how absurd and horrific the ridiculous religion of Islam truly is.

    • Mike says:

      Total crap. If Allah exists, ask him to change this dot into anything else and I’ll close the website. Allah is unable to do anything because he is the invention of the human mind.

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