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Hello, I am an atheist because of reason and personal experience. I am a father of THREE lovely living kids and two dead embryos, married to a lovely Christian Catholic devoted woman. Yes, black and white can coexist as long as there is respect and love, which is something abstracted from any belief or religion. I do not claim absolute truth and not 100% sure that a God does not exist somewhere out there. The scientific method is what I use to connect to reality. If there is something I don't understand, then it is because i don't understand, not because god exists. In case you haven't noticed, I am a native Arab, and English is my third language (yes there is second language). I like reading the Bible and the Quran and the critics of both of them. I also love watching documentaries especially astronomy, cosmology, Quantum Physics, and new discoveries in science in general, and Physics in particular.

Sleep well Timmy


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The Arab Spring in pictures

The results of the so called Arab Spring and the victims are always children. Video show doesn’t need any translation, the images speak for themselves. This is what religion brings to humanity The Arab Spring results

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You Can’t Prove That God Doesn’t Exist – Debunked

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The face…

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Half of Christianity…

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Danger! Attention!

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You found god? 

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