10 Reasons I’m an Atheist

1.   If we truly had one creator speaking to prophets, it would do so consistently, not contradictory as thousands of different religions have proven.

2.   “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?” – Epicurus

3.   It is better to find your own answers and make an educated decision, than to intentionally remain uneducated and make a fearful one.

4.    If I were to astonishingly find myself face to face with a supreme being, I would expect to be judged on my life as a humanist, and how I treated others, (just as most Christians plan to be judged on character, not on the actual Ten Commandments). If my positive actions were ignored, and I was instead judged on using my intelligence to doubt religious doctrines created by human sinners, I would rather be eternally punished than bow to such an unfair tyrant who made things seemingly impossible for humans to succeed at this horrific game.

5.   Even though all religions exist, there is no such scientific evidence that will favor any one of them. Books written in the ancient times were by people who didn’t have an understanding of the scientific aspect of the world. They were mere observers when they wrote the books, with no evidential backing to support their claims. These books are not worthy of being taken seriously even if they have a fan base of millions. Many superstitions are still followed all over the world that is laughed upon by people from other countries. Religious followers all the time ask atheists to prove the non-existence of God but are in a fix when asked to prove the existence of God. So if no one can satisfactorily provide evidence of existence, why follow?

6.   It amazes me on the amount of time religious followers spend in supporting their beliefs. They pray, chant, preach, sing hymns, bow, mumble, kneel, make unnatural movements with their bodies, wear special garments, lockets, do fast, visit swamis and gurus, visit extremely hard to reach ‘religious’ places, do pilgrimage, rituals etc. But is there any evidence that these activities promote the personal well-being of a person and give positive results? The answer is no. Many disasters have occurred in places of religious worship, followers have been brutally murdered, exposed to accidents and natural calamities. The time and energy spent in such activities is tremendous but serves little purpose.

7.   I will not follow any laws or rules which teach rape, murder, and evil and to follow blindly without questioning.

8.   I always strive for the truth, and anything that hinders me from doing so I cannot put my trust in.

9.   What I have seen religion do to people horrifies me. Everything from people strapping bombs to their chest to murdering innocent people.

10. Reading Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Charles Darwin, Bill Maher and having conversations with my step-dad, my high school Biology teacher and many more amazingly smart people.

Taken originally from https://plus.google.com/107036495852960813163/posts/5YJGGNJfypU written by Navid Khiamani https://plus.google.com/107036495852960813163


About Mike

Hello, I am an atheist because of reason and personal experience. I am a father of THREE lovely living kids and two dead embryos, married to a lovely Christian Catholic devoted woman. Yes, black and white can coexist as long as there is respect and love, which is something abstracted from any belief or religion. I do not claim absolute truth and not 100% sure that a God does not exist somewhere out there. The scientific method is what I use to connect to reality. If there is something I don't understand, then it is because i don't understand, not because god exists. In case you haven't noticed, I am a native Arab, and English is my third language (yes there is second language). I like reading the Bible and the Quran and the critics of both of them. I also love watching documentaries especially astronomy, cosmology, Quantum Physics, and new discoveries in science in general, and Physics in particular.
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