Did I hurt your feelings?



About Mike

Hello, I am an atheist because of reason and personal experience. I am a father of THREE lovely living kids and two dead embryos, married to a lovely Christian Catholic devoted woman. Yes, black and white can coexist as long as there is respect and love, which is something abstracted from any belief or religion. I do not claim absolute truth and not 100% sure that a God does not exist somewhere out there. The scientific method is what I use to connect to reality. If there is something I don't understand, then it is because i don't understand, not because god exists. In case you haven't noticed, I am a native Arab, and English is my third language (yes there is second language). I like reading the Bible and the Quran and the critics of both of them. I also love watching documentaries especially astronomy, cosmology, Quantum Physics, and new discoveries in science in general, and Physics in particular.
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4 Responses to Did I hurt your feelings?

  1. LAMarcom says:

    Wow! I love this quote.

  2. LAMarcom says:

    Reblogged this on Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics and commented:
    Never my intention to ‘hurt’ anyone’s feelings, but… I do speak my mind.

  3. robinobishop says:

    What is it in a niche culture where purported “writers” literally take other people’s thoughts out of context, post them, and haven’t the energy or critical mind to contribute anything original for the sake of attracting empty acclaim? Then there is that personally buoying mission of helping others in the same useless task of conscious fraud and self-deception in reblogging it?

    The religious critic and diversely successful non-fiction author Sam Harris, comments, “Many of my fellow atheists consider all talk of ‘spirituality’ or ‘mysticism’ to be synonymous with mental illness, conscious fraud, or self-deception. I have argued elsewhere that this is a problem – because millions of people have had experiences for which ‘spiritual’ and ‘mystical’ seem the only terms available.”
    He is quite right for some who are little more than spiritual or mystical. I, for one, am spiritual with the benefit of seeing mysteries unfold before my eyes. However, right here we also have the avowed non-believer where the dimmest of spirit and mystery are quickly snuffed out (deemed mental illness also). Here the “author” merely reblogs. But others perhaps use their synonym dictionary with profusion to produce what they want to believe is critical thought.

    • robinobishop says:

      The irony overwhelms. The quote you posted demands the critical thought is paramount…and in so many blogging places it is held in disdain…and deemed mental illness.

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